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Is Journey2Love coaching therapy?
No! Journey2Love coaching helps individuals with a biblically-based proven method for a life-changing experience. Individuals have
experienced personal transformation that has been helped thousands of individuals with practical biblically base step by step practical solutions.
Is Journey2Love coaching confidential?
Absolutely! This is the mark of our certified professionally certified Journey2Love coaches.
How often can I talk to my personal coach?
• We believe in ongoing, nurturing and encouraging individual development. Normally you meet weekly. Of course you can discuss
this with your coach also.
Does the coach solve my problems?
The coach discusses with you your individual Equipping Profile, then gives you direction and feedback, evaluating what they see,
feel or hear in your conversations. Your coaches can provide you new insights and biblical wisdom and step by step tools to help you move toward your own logical goals. You coach provides educational information and its your responsibility to apply the tools
in your life situations.
Will my coach make my life better?
Your coach is your educational and biblical resource and provider. The ultimate achievement in your personal transformation/
development and reaching your goals is your responsibility. Your success is in direct proportion to your effort.
Do I get tools to help me?
Yes! Your individual Equipping profile and custom coaching/leadership program has many “action plans” for your individual
development. Your effort and how well you integrate these solutions into your personal journey is what makes the difference.
Remember the Lord loves you and “You are worth it!”